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Beware of the Snake in the Shopping Trolley

I am often baffled when I ask new clients at Target Fit, “So what is your diet like generally?, What foods do you eat regularly?” The reply 90% of the time is “I generally eat healthily enough, but I enjoy the odd sweet treat now and again”. Most of us are aware that too many sweet treats will lead to weight gain and in turn we are aware of the consequences, such as increased abdominal fat, extra weight on the hips and thighs and in particular for the ladies the dreaded bingo wings.  Treats Don’t get me wrong, having the[…]

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No Muscle, No Gain

They say “no pain no gain”, well there is a lot to be said for “no muscle no gain”. As a fitness expert, I worked in the fitness game for a long time and I’m a big advocate of building muscle. Be it losing inches to look great or to enhance sporting performance, muscle gain is critical. I have clients who repeat the same old mantra, “I want to be toned but I don’t want to build muscle”. This may seem like a reasonable request for many of you out there, but the fact of the matter is, muscle toning[…]

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