Hear From Target Fit Members

Hear From Target Fit Members

“I have no hesitation in recommending Target Fit”

I joined Target Fit in the summer of 2013 feeling every bit my 49 yrs. I was unhappy with my weight and my body shape. Binge eating and motivation was a problem. Over the past 8 months I have shed 22 lbs and gone from size 16 to size 12. I no longer binge eat.

This was my first time to train with a group since I was in my twenties. The 3 times a week schedule is ideal for me as it allows me to gain strength from the group and also have the ongoing support from Tom. I have followed a healthy eating nutrition programme which Tom has given me. The foods allowed are enjoyable and easy to cook, along with being nutritional.

The fantastic supervision of the training under Tom’s watchful eye is excellent. Although we train as a group he really focused on the person and drives me on. I have never suffered any type of injury during training as I am set personal targets to suit my ability. He varies the programme each session so I never get bored. There is also a fantastic group dynamic as we all seek to help each other.

I have no hesitation in recommending Target Fit for any individual seeking to tone up and seeking a lifestyle change. It is a testament to Tom’s personality and hard work that so many individuals seek to return month after month to his training sessions.

Liz (Maynooth)

“He knows exactly how far to push people”

Brilliant, tough and rewarding are just a few of the words I’d use to describe Target Fit. Tom’s sessions give me the best workout I’ve had in 20 years of exercising. Tom is a brilliant trainer, he knows exactly how far to push people so that they get the maximum from the workout. The classes are really supportive with great camaraderie. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Tracey Gunn Mc Grath (Maynooth)

“I was able to continue Target Fit throughout the entire pregnancy”

Tara Miller 218x300 Hear From Target Fit Members

Tara Miller

I started Target Fit in January 2013 with my husband. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and found it was a great way of keeping fit, meeting new people, while also doing something together. I subsequently became pregnant. Due to Tom’s in-depth knowledge and expertise of exercise and health, he adapted the exercises at all sessions to suit each stage of pregnancy, which meant I was able to continue Target Fit throughout the entire pregnancy.

I had a very healthy pregnancy and I personally feel this was significantly contributed to by attending Target Fit. This meant that I was fit and healthy prior to becoming pregnant, and I was also able to maintain a level of fitness during the pregnancy.

In my opinion, Target Fit is ideal for those who want the social and motivational benefits of exercising in a group, while also getting an individually focused exercise program. From my experience at Target Fit, the sessions continually change to meet peoples’ unique needs, which I think keeps the sessions both fresh and enjoyable, while also further progressing your fitness levels.

I could not speak highly enough of Tom, aside from his obvious passion and depth and breadth of knowledge for all things exercise and health, he is also extremely personable and professional. In addition, what struck me about Tom is his ability to motivate and get the best out of people in an extremely positive and supportive way, rather than relying on what I consider are unhelpful strategies used by some trainers, which highlight peoples weaknesses, making them feel self-conscious. If you are looking for a trainer who genuinely wants you to achieve and see results, and can help you do so in a supportive, motivational and highly professional manner look no further than Tom and the Target Fit program.
Tara Miller (Kilcock)

“Target Fit combines a great exercise programme with sound manageable nutritional advice”

“This is the most effective exercise I have ever tried! The boot camp suits all levels and the results are noticeable. Target Fit combines a great exercise programme with sound manageable nutritional advice, I would highly recommend it”
Eimear O Connor (Maynooth)

“He listens, he motivates, he inspires”

A very special thanks to Tom. Now feeling fitter, stronger and full of life! Not bad for a male that nine months ago was seriously out of shape and condition! Then I approached Tom – from weekly boot camp sessions to a personal one on one training session fully supported with a detailed nutritional plan, what a difference this guy has made! First class trainer, he listens, he motivates, he inspires! Everything you want in a Personal Trainer.
Many Thanks

Dermot Mellia (Kilcock)

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Brendan Kelly

“Tom Clarke is so enthusiastic, supportive and genuinely cares”

I joined Target Fit here in Maynooth over a year ago and I can honestly say after being in other fitness groups, Target Fit is one of the better ones around.

The trainer Tom Clarke is so enthusiastic, supportive and genuinely cares about you progress. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than I have in years.
Brendan Kelly (Maynooth)

Tom makes training enjoyable, challenging and keeps it fresh”

“I’ve been training with Target Fit for over a year. In that time I have achieved weight loss and seen my overall fitness & health improve dramatically.

Tom makes training enjoyable, challenging and keeps it fresh by ensuring no two sessions are the same.”

Brian Miller (Kilcock)

“You will see great results”

“If you follow Target Fit’s easy nutrition advice and comprehensive exercise programme you will see great results in a short time, I would highly recommend it.”
Mary Jones (Maynooth)

“The best conditioning classes I have ever tried”

“Target Fit is the best conditioning classes I have ever tried, if you want to get lean and drop body fat, this is the way to go”
David O’Hanlon (Kilcloon)

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